Working Through File Command?

Hart Larry chime at
Sat Mar 1 01:07:28 UTC 2008

Hi All:  This was certainly a hard subject-line to ask about?
I wonder if I can search for or delete files in a directory based on what 
"file" reports?  You see, I am still trying to enjoy Mutella, a file sharing 
program.  However, now much of the time my searches are hijacked--and while the 
files may actually have an mp3 extention, they are apple or isa media, 
according to file.  Sure I can nuke them from the directory, but if there were 
a way to enter a system command in Mutella or in my searches to ignore these 
other file types.  Especially last 2-weeks its gotten so bad I closed out 
Mutella, but I really would like a better solution.  I have a quite large list 
of exception words in all my searches, but I figure I could have more accurate 
results if I can use the file command.
Any suggestions please.  In linux, other than Mutella, I had run overnet. 
Thanks in advance

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