kernel source

Tony Baechler tony at
Fri Mar 7 09:23:28 UTC 2008

Kristoffer Gustafsson wrote:
> I want to install the kernel sources in debian lenny. and then install 
> speakup.
> I can't find the package cointaining them.
> what apt package is it?


There is no "apt" package.  "apt" is not a package or a packaging 
system, it is a front-end to dpkg which handles .deb packages.  It 
doesn't matter though as you won't find it because it doesn't exist.  
You can get the kernel source with apt but you'll have to apply Speakup 
patches yourself.  Just how you do that is unknown to me, but they no 
longer use cvs.  You have to install git and use it to pull the latest 
Speakup sources.  From there, there should be a script to patch 2.6.24 
kernels.  The Speakup list is a better place to ask about this.  I 
haven't compiled a custom kernel in a long time and I couldn't get git 
to work.  You could also try the grml kernels which have Speakup already 
patched.  Go to and look at the 
linux-image* packages.  I don't know if you can directly import grml 
kernels into Debian unstable or not, I've never tried.  I installed grml 
from the live CD and it is basically Debian unstable with some 
additional packages so it might work.  If all else fails, you can go 
back to your old kernel assuming you make proper backups and your boot 
manager is configured to let you boot the old kernel.  Good luck and let 
us know if you can figure out how to get the Speakup sources from git.  
One final note: I think the git Speakup sources only work with 2.6.24 
kernels, I'm not sure if 2.6.23 or earlier is still supported.  I don't 
think unstable has 2.6.24 yet.

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