Braille installation

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What baum display do you have?

I had similar problems, I had a vario some time ago and tried to use that.
but it didn't work. but then I got it working by changing the emulation in 
the display and another brltty driver.

För example, with the baum vario, you can change to the emulation used for 
the tsi navigator display, I think it's emulation 3.

Then it will work.


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> You're probably better off asking the BRLTTY mailing list, details of 
> which
> can be found on the BRLTTY website.
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> Hi all
> I wrote to this list some days ago but didn't got an answer so far, so 
> I'll
> try again :) I want to install my Baum-Braille Display on a Ubuntu 
> machine.
> According to some advice I found in the web it should work the way like I
> configured BRLTTY and everything, but the braille just doesn't make a 
> move.
> What am I doing wrong? Does BRLTTY need some special program to recognise 
> a
> serial braille, when it's connected to the computer via its USB-Port?
> Thanks a lot
> Moritz
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