volume help please

Kristoffer Gustafsson kg84 at dreamwld.com
Tue Mar 18 12:51:29 UTC 2008


I solved it now, a very very hard way.
Thanks for the aumix way. it will be much easier when setting this up on my 
other computer.
I used alsamixer first, but didn't find any record thing for microphone. 
other than the input source, wich I changed.

then I gave up the command line, went into the mixer gui and raised all the 
things I could get at. and then it worked finally.
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>> microphone or line in.  On my system, I do this to adjust my playback 
>> volume, but adjust as necessary for your sound card.  Watch the case.
>> amixer set Master playback 100,100
> In one of my keymap files (in this case, .fluxbox/keys as I use fluxbox as 
> my window manager) I have the following:
> Shift Mod4 V :exec /usr/bin/amixer set Master 5-,5-
> Control Mod4 v :exec /usr/bin/amixer set Master 3+,3+
> Mod4 v :exec /usr/bin/amixer set Master toggle
> which map to the soft-keys on my laptop keyboard for volume-down, 
> volume-up, and toggle-mute.  In whatever environment you're using, such 
> keymaps might be configured to give you one-key access to these three 
> functions.
> Or, they could be wrapped in a script to simplify them.
> -tim
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