alsaplayer and mplayer

Geoff Shang Geoff at
Wed Mar 19 07:21:12 UTC 2008


It's possible that mplayer is defaulting to oss.  I might have the wrong 
syntax here, but according to the manual, the way to use alsa would be:

mplayer -ao alsa:device=hw=0,0 <audiofile>

The example given in the manual is actually

mplayer -ao alsa:noblock:device=hw=0.3 <audiofile>

but I'm not sure if the noblock option is needed or desired.

The device hw:x,y is your hardware card number x, device number y.  If you 
have 1 soundcard with 1 output device then it will be 0,0.  If you want to 
use your second card,  first device, it will be 1,0.

If this works for you, you might want to put it in your .mplayer/config 
file.  Just put whatever follows the "mplayer -" (i.e.

ao alsa:device=hw=0,0

Note that it may well default to 0,0 so using "mplayer -ao alsa" may be 

Good luck,


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