alpine and local time problem

Geoff Shang Geoff at
Thu Mar 20 05:37:12 UTC 2008

Daniel Dalton wrote:

> I have local time ticked in the alpine setup, however, when I look at the 
> date line from a message recieved it isn't in my time.
> Anyone know why?

I think it only works in the index, but don't quote me on this.  Perhaps 
read the configuration help for the local time option, the in-built help is 
generally very good.

> Oh and sometimes the reply header uses the wrong day.
> It always uses the other persons day I am quoting.
> So is there a way to make that use my time too?

Have a look in the help for the reply lead-in stuff and see if there are 
tokens for the local time.  Personally I think it's more accurate to use 
the sender's time but I guess that's a matter of preference.


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