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Sun Mar 23 12:33:15 UTC 2008

Well, I tried different things out, advice from the web and so on. But it 
still doesn't work. But Kristoffer wrote:

> Hello!
> What baum display do you have?
> I had similar problems, I had a vario some time ago and > tried to use 
> that.
> but it didn't work. but then I got it working by changing the emulation in 
> the display and another brltty driver.
> För example, with the baum vario, you can change to > > the emulation used 
> for the tsi navigator display, I think it's emulation 3.
> Then it will work.

> /Kristoffer
So I wanted to know which brltty driver he was using. Because it sounds, as 
if he had the same problems as I, although having a Baum Vario.
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> On Thu, 20 Mar 2008, Moritz wrote:
>> Hi kristoffer
>> Wit hwhat brltty-driver have you brought your baum-vario to work?
> If you mean how to select that display with brltty you simpley do:
> brltty -b code -t en_us -d port
> if its usb leave -d off.
> code == the two letter code for your display.
> A list of these are in the manual I believe or in /etc/brltty.conf
> I think this is what you want though.
> I am not sure if its usb. If its serial just add -d ttyS0 to this command.
> If its usb to serial look it up.
> Anyway here is the command if it is usb:
> brltty -b bm -t en_us
> Or whatever braille table you would like.
> Does this work?
> Note you must run this command as root otherwise it won't work!
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