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Mon Mar 24 19:24:29 UTC 2008

Hello Mike and everyone,

Mike, you do not say anything about whether you are thinking of a 
portable display or not. If bringing the Braille display along with a 
laptop computer is a point - let's say that you are going to have your 
Braille display in your office, permanently connected to a desktop 
computer - I would definitely say that you should go for a 80 character 
display if you can.

I have used Braille displays for about 20 years, and I absolutely feel 
more comfortable with the 80 character ones. They give much better 
overview of the screen than the shorter, portable ones.

But when it comes to brand and model, it is all about personal 
preferences.  You know - the Braille displays all do the same, so it is 
simply a question of how you want the keypad layout to be - if you want 
to control the movements of the Braille line with your thumbs, and so 
on.  I have used several brands through the years, but I now-a-days only 
use Braille displays from Handy Tech - namely the Braille Star 40 and 
Braille Star 80, and even a Handy Tech Modular 84.

I used to have Alva Braille displays, but I dropped them after they 
introduced their Satellite series.  I simply did not like them.  Others 
have other opinions about these display.

Again, it is a question of personal preferences, first and foremost.  
Best of all would be if you could get a chance to look at various 
displays yourself.

Tore Johnny

Mike Gorse skrev:
> Hi all,
> It looks as though I'll be acquiring a Braille display at work and 
> need to decide which one.  Does anyone here have any advice or 
> recommendations?
> Thanks,
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