should I use 64 bit ubuntu on intel core2 t5500?

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Tue Mar 25 13:36:41 UTC 2008

I use run a Pentium D dual-core processor @ 2800 MHz on an all-Intel
motherboard.  I have not had good luck running 64-bit Ubuntu on this system,
either with the present motherboard or my previous one that used the same
CPU. Lots of set-up issues, lots of 32-bit packages that wouldn't run on the

I did quite a bit of checking around the Internet and found out I wasn't the
only one with the problems. My take on the whole shebang is that Intel is
way behind AMD and VIA on 64-bit Linux support. I now deeply regret giving
Intel another try; I should have stuck with AMD.  I have issues even running
32-bit Ubuntu, with the available screen resolutions never being detected
and configured without work-arounds.

On the other hand, the Pentium D is not a true 64-bit processor, whereas as
I understand it the Core 2 Duo is. But I will never buy another Intel CPU or

Probably the best way to get a preliminary clue is to download a 64-bit
version of ubuntu, burn it to CD, and boot from the CD to test. Or go ahead
and install it in some unused disk space. Partitions are easy enough to
delete and reformat.

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On Tue, Mar 25, 2008 at 6:20 AM, krishnakant Mane <krmane at> wrote:

> hello,
> this is not really directly related to accessibility but perhaps may
> be a problem as such.
> I have a machine with intel core2 duo (sentrino ) t5500 processor with
> 1.6 ghz/2 specification.
> is this a genuan 64 bit processor?
> should I use ubuntu 64 bit with all t5500 core2 processors for optimul
> performance?
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