Braille displays

Lee Maschmeyer lee_maschmeyer at
Tue Mar 25 20:25:01 UTC 2008

Hi Anders,

What is it you like about the HandyTechs?

Getting back to the original question: As for me, I've never had the nerve 
to ask for an 80-character display so don't miss the (to me extravagant) 
length. 40 is the length of a braille printed page and I've always found 
that adequate. (As far as that goes, before the advent of grade 2 books on 
the internet I was happy with a 12-character display, though I doubt I would 
be now!)

I've never seen any of these wireless ones that use Bluetooth but the idea 
is intriguing. Still, if you're thinking of one that will stay in one place 
a cabled display isn't a bad idea probably. If you might be carrying a 
laptop and a display then you might want to see whether there's an easy 
option to carry them both conveniently.

But if you're going to be doing a lot of traveling a notetaker with a 
detachable display might be good. The PAC Mate fits together so solidly 
you'd never know the display was detachable, but it is and can be used (via 
USB cable) with a regular computer.

Lee Maschmeyer
Computing Center Services
Computing and Information Technology
Wayne State University
Detroit, Michigan, USA 

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