gigabit network

John Heim jheim at
Wed Mar 26 16:37:27 UTC 2008

I built myself a new computer and it had a gigabit ethernet card built into 
the mobo. The network in my house had all 100 megabit hardware. But it 
bothered me that I had this 1 Gb NIC and it wasn't being utilized fully. So 
I went out and bought a gigabit switch and a gigabit NIC for my file server.

The problem is that file transfers aren't as fast as I think they should be. 
According to sftp, I get transfer rates of 1.5 megabyte per second.  One 
gigabit is 125 megabytes.  I know there's overhead but, holy cow... 
Shouldn't I be  getting transfer rates around 50 to 100 Mb per second?

Maybe it's the cables. I had somebody read what it says on the cable from my 
file server to the switch and it says it's cat 5. Do I need cat 5e or cat 6?

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