syncing mail and address book

Willem van der Walt wvdwalt at
Fri Mar 28 09:52:36 UTC 2008

I am not really sure what you want to do, but your new mail is storred in 
/var/mail/name where name is the user name who's mail it is, like,
/var/mail/joe will contain the new mail/inbox of user joe.
Joe's alpine mail is in /home/joe/.mail which is a directory containing 
the mail folders like sentmail, savedmessages etc.
You can simply copy these folders around if this will achieve what you 
want.  You can allso append one to another, like:
cat laptopnewmail >> /var/mail/joe
Note the two greaterthan signs for appending.
HTH, Willem

On Fri, 28 Mar 2008, Daniel Dalton wrote:

> Hi,
> I have just set up my laptop with ubuntu linux.
> My home desktop is  running debian linux.
> So how can I sync all my emails from the laptop to the desktop?
> Say if I am away and I download 200 emails how can I add these emails to my
> messages at home on my desktop?
> Should I come up with  a bash script?
> If so where is mail stored and what is the basic syntax?
> What happens if I organise my  mail into folders?
> Also I use alpine with fetchmail...
> And how could I sync the address books in alpine?
> I'll look at the addressbook since I think that one is fairly easy...
> Thanks for any help,
> -- 
> Daniel Dalton
> d.dalton at
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