Virtual Machine?

Kristoffer Gustafsson kg84 at
Sat Mar 29 13:32:25 UTC 2008

Qemu doesn't work for some reason if you're on a scsi disc, like me.
I tried Qemu last week, got the win xp installation to work, but when the 
computer should repartition the hard drive, ok, it saw my 60 gb harddrive I 
had created, but it refused.
So I don't recomend qemu, but I'll test virtualbox some day in this week and 
see fi I will be as pleased as Christian.


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> Hi,
> I have been using VirtualBox under LInux and you can create your VM
> through the command line. I was able to install XP on my own with the
> unatended install.
> I set it to use 512 MB of RAM and 20 GB harddisk space.
> It's not as responsive as if you are working directly in Windows, but
> from my view it's acceptable.
> If you try VirtualBox you need to install the Virtualbox Add-ons. Other
> wise you'll not be able to install your screen reader. It will complain
> about your video driver.
> Window-Eyes worked fine for me.
> You start the VM from a command line as well.
> I also tried playinging an accessible game and it also worked.
> All the best,
> Christian
> Using Ubuntu Hardy.
> lör 2008-03-29 klockan 06:03 -0800 skrev Tony Baechler:
>> Rob Harris wrote:
>> > How effective and how accessible is running Windows(I prefer 2k so far) 
>> > in a
>> > VM.  I haven't got a modern version of linux so would like 
>> > recommendations
>> > on that too.    I hear and believe this thing with VMs is a growing 
>> > trend -
>> > Mac, Linux and even Vista have one...   for the moment.
>> >
>> Hi,
>> If you're on Windows XP Pro or better, try Microsoft Virtual PC 2007.
>> Other options are VMWare, Qemu, Bochs and VirtualBox.  On the Mac, you
>> can buy VMWare Fusion to run Windows but I found the VM completely
>> inaccessible.  Setting up the software wasn't bad but VoiceOver was of
>> no use at all within Windows as one might expect.  I didn't get a chance
>> to install a Windows screen reader.  If you have the resources, VMs have
>> great potential.  I would say that a minimum setup to run a VM
>> effectively would be 2 GB of RAM, 250 GB of disk space and a very fast
>> processor.  The reason for the large amount of disk is that you're
>> creating a virtual image with a virtual hard drive.  If you want a 100
>> GB virtual drive, that comes from your main hard drive plus overhead
>> space for the host OS and VM software.
>> Another option if you're on Windows XP or better is VMWare Server which
>> is free.  I was able to set up and install a Win98 VM with sighted
>> help.  It was slow but it worked.  Beware that some versions of Vista
>> don't allow installing to a VM in the license agreement.  For Linux,
>> Qemu or Virtualbox have been recommended but I haven't tried them yet.
>> I would say from my reading that VMWare is the best overall but it is
>> not free software, even though VMWare Server is free of charge.
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