syncing mail and address book

Daniel Dalton d.dalton at
Sun Mar 30 00:37:36 UTC 2008

On Fri, 28 Mar 2008, Tony Baechler wrote:

> Daniel Dalton wrote:
>> So how can I sync all my emails from the laptop to the desktop?
>> Say if I am away and I download 200 emails how can I add these emails to my 
>> messages at home on my desktop?
> Hi,
> The rsync (1) program is your friend.  It's ideal for just such a purpose. 
> Do something like this, replacing the ip addresses and/or hostnames with the 
> right ones:
> rsync . for current directory, replace with ~ for home dir

Thanks, I think that's what I want. Otherwise I'll try some bash with diff 
and patch...

Also how would I sync between /var/mail/d.dalton to /media/usb1?

And with syncing the mail directory ~/mail where alpine stores its folders 
will rsync sync all the text files? Or just add newly added files and 
remove files?
And rsync won't remove mail will it? Say if a message exists on desktop, 
but not on laptop will it be removed?

> sure how Alpine does address books but if it's in a file or directory, rsync 
> can probably mirror it.  Alternatively, if you have Samba working you could

I have already come up with a little bash script to handle this.

I must setup samba though when I get my router...

Thanks for your help,

Daniel Dalton
d.dalton at

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