systematic backups in Linux?

Karen Lewellen klewellen at
Fri May 2 15:03:52 UTC 2008

Hi Tony,
Just checked and we have it here at shellworld, which is wonderful.
I am trying to remember the command for learning my file size usage up 
here, but as I now have .pdf files missing too,  it would not be correct 
in any case.
I heard about 5 g, but I know that cannot be true.
It is a lot though, what with  the media formats including .wav and .aif 
along with the mp3 ones, compressed programs in .zip format,  the above 
missing pdf files   word things and text.
Still I will only have to do one major backup once, then the scheduled 
ones  on a   likely after all this missing jazz a weekly basis or 
I have things going back for years, and you would be surprised how often I 
have to revisit those things.
I may now need to create a server of my own, since I cannot imagine having 
to send something back up here if I need it...which has happened 4 times 
in the past few days.
Plus I want to keep my folder structure in pine if I can.

Thanks for your wisdom,


On Fri, 2 May 2008, Tony Baechler wrote:

> Karen Lewellen wrote:
>>  the ftp idea has to do with shellworld, but I am sure other alternatives
>>  will work.
> Hi,
> I would be very surprised if rsync isn't installed.  Try "rsync" from a 
> command line and see.  If it doesn't work, I think it's fairly painless to 
> compile.  In my opinion, rsync is one of those tools that you really can't 
> live without.
>>  would I require dsl to run this option?
> What do you mean by require?  If you mean that, as you said, you have so many 
> files that it would take an eternity to backup otherwise, I guess so.  If 
> you're referring to a way of making incremental backups or only backing up 
> file differences, I don't see why.  Initially you might because of the volume 
> of data you're moving, but once it's all copied, I would think not. 
> Obviously text files are easier to compress and backup than binaries, but 
> rsync will only transfer the differences, so other than the initial backup, I 
> would think dial-up would be fine.  How much space are we talking about here? 
> If you have 1 GB of files or some huge amount, dial-up is out of the question 
> even with ftp.  If you have less, rsync would probably work.  You can stop it 
> at any time and it will resume where it left off which I don't think ftp will 
> do, at least not easily.
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