internal vs. external synthisizers?

Karen Lewellen klewellen at
Mon May 5 19:35:46 UTC 2008

You know, and I am not being politically odd, but I have never understood 
that concept?
Granted I do not lead with the vision factor, and do not define who I am 
that way.
Still years ago I had someone ask me if I were a blink or a wink, and I 
answered a Liberal, grin.
If  a Linux user is a luser I suppose a windows one is a wuser?
I realize too that this is not everyone desire, but given my druthers, I 
would find someone near me who was solid in Linux and  speakup, pay them 
to give me some help on installation and a few   pointers on programs I 
intend using so I  can get started without delay, then move tasks over  on 
a need to do basis.
It would be worth it  to me spending the money so I have as little down 
time as possible, and  have some basic knowledge for starters.
I am still so new to T. O., that I have yet to meet  any speech users, 
blinks or winks laughter.
Thanks again,

On Sun, 4 May 2008, Kirk Reiser wrote:

> Truthfully, I don't know many linux users in the T.O. area.  Actually,
> I probably know a lot but I am drawing a blank just now.  It is still
> amazing to realize that of all the blinks I know in T.O. I can't think
> of any lusers! 'grin' Maybe I should say 'sad smile'.
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