Fedora 9 and BRLTTY

Tobias Vinteus tobvin at algonet.se
Sat May 17 14:49:32 UTC 2008

I need a helping hand here, I think. BRLTTY won't start in Fedora 9, which
I successfully (I think) installed via telnet, that is, I installed it
successfully, but I'm not sure if something is messed up or not.

As I can conclude from reading the manual:
brltty -ldebug -n -e >somefilename
woudl dump a debug log i the file somefilename. When I restart my
dual-booting system in Windows to read the logfiles I create with htis
command, they are all empty.

I know that BRLTTY starts from the fact that backspace doesn't beep, so
that BRLTTY must then be running in the foreground, but it doesn't seem to
display anything that could be echoed to the log file, unless I'm missing
something here.

Any help gratefully apreciated,

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