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Daniel Dalton d.dalton at
Tue May 20 22:18:43 UTC 2008


I have got a usb bluetooth adapter and want to try and get braille working 
with it for fun.
So I first switch bluetooth on on the braille note and run a scan: hcitool 
My braille device is found and its bluetooth address is also shown.

So now I guess I need to pair the devices?
Is that correct?
If so  how?
And what is the passkey for when is it required and how do I give it to 
brltty and the utility I am using to pair the devices?

So once the 2 devices are paired and I have a pin, I guess I would go into 
the braille terminal and select bluetooth and choose debian-hp which is my 
If this is all right, then how do I get braille to work? As in brltty to 
talk to the braille note?
Is it
brltty -d bt:<the code I got from hcitool> -b bn -t en_us
How do I give the pin?
And am I missing anything?

Finally, I'm not worried about securety, so the pin isn't at all secret... 
Its probably going to be 1234 or something fairly stupid like that.

If anyone can give me any help I would greatly appreciate it.


Daniel Dalton
<d.dalton at>

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