Console based linux.

Tim Chase blinux.list at
Tue May 27 20:29:34 UTC 2008

> Can anyone recomend any linux that only come as a console-based interface.

As you mention, Debian will do quite nicely.  For a while I had 
an ancient laptop (P133 with 32 megs of memory) that ran console 
Debian.  It worked fairly well -- minus the lousy battery.

> Debian of course is but how about gento or how do you spell it?

Yes, Gentoo should work just fine from the console, as would any 
number of distros such as Red Hat/Fedora, Slackware (my first 
distro), and others.

Personally, I've used the power of "apt-get" in Debian and it's 
hard to go back to other distros.

> Can  you install gento with speech or braille?

I'm nearly certain that it's possible to use speech/braille with 
most distros, however, the ability to use them during the 
installation process is a bit more particular.  Most that allow 
for it provide a specialized/modified boot-CD to accommodate.


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