Configuring Split DNS help needed

Benjamin Burgis bburgis at
Mon Nov 3 22:03:17 UTC 2008


I have a home LAN and server which is connected to the Internet via an ISP (Comcast).  I have a NAT address which is used on the outside of the router.  I have a registered domain name through  I also have custom DNS services which allows me to define A and MX records for my domain.  I have made serveral attempts to get Split DNS working using the available documentation, but have been unsucessful.  I have Fedora 9 installed. I hope I get get some help.

All LAN PCs use the wireless router which is connected to a broadband modem which connected to the Internet.  The server is connected to the router directly.

NAT address
Domain name:
Linux Server FQDN:

LAN ( 5 pcs) - 104

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