Linux Daisy book reader

Aldo info at
Wed Nov 5 11:09:55 UTC 2008

On Wed, Nov 05, 2008 at 10:06:20AM -0000, Rob Harris wrote:
> Hi, I know of two Windows based daisy book readers - victor reader Soft and
> EasyReader off Dolphin.
> Is there a Linux daisy book player we can use, whatever form, whatever
> version? It seems such a natural extension, but not heard of one yet.
There are more than one, but I like the one made by Jos Lemmens, cf.:
You only need madplay in the latest versions to read DAISY CDs.

Note taht not all cDs are really DAISY compatible: I already got some who
may be read by the hardware reader (Victor Vibe) but not on my PC.


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