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Wed Oct 1 18:30:16 UTC 2008

Hi list, I did try to post this before, but when I did I didn't realise that i'd messed up when trying to subscribe so sorry for having to post twice.
I'm new to this list and fairly new to linux, though i have had experience using a cygwin environment.

my question relates to a linux distribution that i found recently on the net for testing the security of networks.
this distro is called backtrack.
its available from
I'm planning to try to run it from a USB flash drive. however I was wondering is there anyone on this list who has had experience with using this particular distro or who knows if it is possible to make it talk? from what I have read on the forums, it is possible to update the kernel meaning that in theery it should be possible to get speakup working with it providing it is not graphical.
I don't no much about the actual distro itself because the forum is huge and really hard to search, however I no it is based off a slackware distro, and it seems to be using a kurnel which would be compatible with speakup.
if it is not possible to get the backtrack distro itself talking, I had thought that it might be possible to some how extract the tools from the distro and put them into my own custom linux, but again I don't no as there doesn't even seem to be a comprehensive list of tools on the forum.
I did try asking for help in the forum newbie area and also e mailed the site admin but have so far been ignored.
So if anyone has any thoughts about this i'd be greatful for any help.
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