I was wondering if there is a way to use orca with skype.

Lorenzo Taylor daxlinux at gmail.com
Sun Oct 19 16:03:32 UTC 2008

IMO, if one needs sighted assistance just to get a program setup, it isn't a 
practical solution. I personally would say sorry there is no way to do it until 
there is a way to do it myself. This is just like saying you can have a blabla 
account on www.blabla.com, but you need sighted assistance to solve the captcha 
image. There must be an alternate way of solving it without sighted assistance 
before I can recommend blabla to my blind friends.

Note: blabla and blabla.com are simply nonsense examples. AFAIK no such service 
or site exists, but it made a good example of problems I have had in the past. I 
didn't recommend gmail, for example, until there was an audio captcha as an 
alternate to the image on the screen. The same goes for skype/pidgin. I refuse 
to recommend it until they figure out a way to set it up without any help from 
an outside source. In other words, I *must* be able to do it myself before I 
will even consider using it.

Live long and prosper,
  Great Goddess Isis,
Thou who art above the stars,
  Grant us peace and love.
--Lorenzo Taylor

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