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Suggest you look for one of the cli iso images with speakup built in, though
there are more and sound card based speech systems now, but speakup had the
benefit of talking from bootup to power down.  I still have one here,
Slackware 9 with an old Apollo synth, but it's not been on in a year or
more.  But this is the UK, so not cost effective to ship..  I can post any
amount of manuals though, but you can download them anyway is my guess.
There is a blinux list of course which you ought to be on and they can
better advise you of the flavours and versions of Linux to get and which are
the quickest or most straight forward to install.  remember there are mini
versions out there which can start and do all the linux things without
having to install at all.  They might be a good start.  Can't remember any
of the names, suggest you find and join the blinux list first and take it
from there.

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     I want to get started learning Linux. In the past, I used Unix, so I
hope I know some of the basic commands. My problem is how to get a box up
and running. I have a PC that has or will have a hard drive and CD drive in
it. There does not seem to be a local Linux group in my area of Louisiana. I
use speech and have a Braillex 2D braille display. My goal is to have a box
that I can learn enough Linux on so I can become certified and return to the
workforce. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


Robert Jaquiss
West Monroe, Louisiana
Email: rjaquiss at

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