Running Windows with Window-Eyes as a virtual machine under Linux?

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Wed Oct 22 15:54:02 UTC 2008

Hi Lars and all,
I have been running the latest version of VirtualBox on my Ubuntu hardy isntallation with Windows XP and Window-Eyes as my screen reader and so far it has been working fine, even though I have had some crashes.
You can create your virtual machine through the command line so it's very easy to do.
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>On Tue, Oct 21, 2008 at 9:38 PM, Lars Bjørndal
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>> Hello, list!
>> At work, I sometimes need to run Windows, although I'm using console
>> based Linux (Fedora 9) for my daily basis work. As I'm making set
>> files for Window-Eyes as part of my work, I sometimes needs Windows
>> with Office 2000 and other times Office 2007, for instance. I thought
>> therefore that using virtual machines, could be a good idea. So what I
>> would like to ask you, is if this is a good idea, and whether I should
>> use virtual machines under Linux, using Qemu, or should I use virtual
>> machines under Windows, such as VMware? Does any one have some
>> experience to share?
>I tried running Kubuntu atop WinXP using Virtual Box but the longer I
>went, the less sense it made to me to have the least stable OS as the
>host and the more stable OS as the guest.  Now I run Kunbuntu 8.04 as
>the host and try not to use it more than I absolutely have to, with
>another instance of Kubuntu 8,04 and WinXP running as virtual guests.
>I try to avoid using the host OS as much as possible so it remains as
>stable as possible. So it's been stripped of most apps.
>It is very easy to create virtual machines with VirtualBox, far easier
>thanw with VMWare. Setting up the network shares and clipboard
>sharuing is a bit more troublesome because the documentation for that
>is less than outstanding. But folks are very helpful on the forums.
>But a caveat; I am sighted, so there may be pitfalls there I am unaware of.
>Best regards,
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