Running Windows with Window-Eyes as a virtual machine under Linux?

Christian christian08 at
Wed Oct 22 15:59:53 UTC 2008

Hi Jon,
I have had no problems running either WIndow-Eyes or Jaws on VirtualBox.
You need to install the VirtualBox drivers into Windows after you have created your virtual machine.

On 2008-10-22 at 12:20 Jon wrote:

>Sadly the virtualbox virtual machine seems to have issues with its 
>display drivers, or at least jaws could not install its video intersept 
>successfully. Using VMware 6.5.0 jaws has no problems installing the 
>video intersept. VMware can also be controlled and configured from the 
>command line, so there should not be any major issues there.
>VMware workstation 6.5.0
>Yes, evaluation version for 30 days, but just create the default 
>machines that you wish to have, and burn them to dvd or suchlike, then 
>for your day to day use, use the VMplayer, which has no restriction on 
>by the way, vmware workstation 6.5.0 graphical interface is very 
>accessible with orca in ubuntu.
>If you still decide to give a go for virtual box and window eyes, please 
>let us know how it goes, it would be intresting to see if it was just 
>jaws, or if window eyes has the same issue with video intersept.
>Hope this helps.
>On Wed 22/10/2008 at 06:38:42, Lars Bj?rndal wrote:
>> Hello, list!
>> At work, I sometimes need to run Windows, although I'm using console
>> based Linux (Fedora 9) for my daily basis work. As I'm making set
>> files for Window-Eyes as part of my work, I sometimes needs Windows
>> with Office 2000 and other times Office 2007, for instance. I thought
>> therefore that using virtual machines, could be a good idea. So what I
>> would like to ask you, is if this is a good idea, and whether I should
>> use virtual machines under Linux, using Qemu, or should I use virtual
>> machines under Windows, such as VMware? Does any one have some
>> experience to share?
>> Best regards,
>> Lars
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