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On 25/10/2008, Stephen Clower <steve at> wrote:
> krishnakant Mane wrote:
>> I use only ubuntu for my daily work and I am a busy IT consultent so I
>> can't sacrify work at the cost of non functional free software.
>> So the point is that since ubuntu 8.04 in particular I find no reason
>> i should tell people to still use windows.  I find no reason why
>> people should not migrate to the world of technology freedom with
>> linux.
> While a commendable goal, the graphical Linux desktop still has a ways
> to go before I am comfortable enough to switch to it on a full-time
> basis. Radical software mind-sets aside, I have found Window-Eyes on top
> of a nicely tuned XP system to be considerably more responsive than
> Gnome and Orca. I'll admit that sound card/speech synthesizer
> preferences would likely need adjusting, but the basic computer user
> should not have to tweak these settings just to have responsive speech.
I exactly had an opposit experience.  I used both jaws and window-eyes
and was always in a state of discomfort with them and never liked the
way windows works.  I used windows and related screen readers only
till the point that there were no alternatives.  But in contrary to
your personal experience I and many others have really got a lot out
of orca and ubuntu.
In fact I find myself much more productive once orca has reached to
the level where it is since last few months.
I find word processing beyond my expectation (I use latex and convert
it to rtf and pdf ).  spreadsheets work perfectly with orca on ubuntu
8.04.1 and firefox itself provides a lot of accessibility.  cd burning
and other tasks are a snap and other such tasks like file or folder
copy is also heavenly easy.  for example I get the copy speed,
estimated time and progress percentage all in gnome and orca like i
would get in windows.
I use vlc with orca pritty well for movies and music.  I can create
pdf files from open office word processor in 2 or 3 easy steps.
programming is shear bliss.

and may be slightly off topic but let us put accessibility on the side
track, I don't like the way windows works and the methods in which
tasks are performed.  copying half way and then telling "disk is full
" is one such bad thing in windows.  And I hait viruses and don't want
to be stuck in the mids of a conference with a windows crash which can
happen any time without prediction.
So all in all windows = less productivity and uncertainty and linux
with gnome = better accessibility and consistency provided we start
getting used to it.
happy hacking.
> Additionally, we have access to the more common tools, E.G. web browser,
> word processor, E-mail, and so on with both platforms; although I have
> yet to find a commercial-grade multitracking editor that supports ASIO,
> VST effects, and is accessible inside GNOME. Until this last fact
> changes, switching to Gnome full-time would limit me a great deal in
> terms of how I want to use my computer for both work and leisure.
> I am not a slave to my operating system or assistive tech, and neither
> will I deny the obvious fact that Linux accessibility is superior in
> many respects to that of Windows. Gnome and orca have really come a long
> way over the past few years, and I sincerely hope work will continue to
> improve application accessibility where possible. For now, I love the
> philosophy behind GNU/Linux, but the presently accessible applications
> (or lack thereof) in the graphical environment leave me no choice but to
> stick with Windows for most of my work. I am very glad that we have
> compelling choices on all major platforms, and competition between them
> all can only benefit everybody involved. Perhaps one day in the not so
> distant future, even I may have what I need to switch to Linux
> permanently; with open-source software, anything is possible.
> Regards,
> Steve
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