Working with IPTables

Tony Baechler tony at
Sat Sep 20 09:05:34 UTC 2008

Christian wrote:
> But, if I want to play around with IPTables directly, any tips?


Here are a few things to look at.  One is called firehol and is designed 
to be simple and effective.  Another is arno-iptables-firewall which I 
haven't used but got good reviews.  If you really want to craft rules by 
hand, look at:

Go to the site map and search for iptables.  The above packages are in 
Debian and I would assume Ubuntu.  I would think using something like 
firehol would be best in most cases though, especially since it comes 
with sample scripts for most basic setups.  Arno iptables firewall is 
reviewed in Linux Gazette also, search for firewall.  You could of 
course also look at the official documentation at:

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