printing signs on the command line

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Sun Aug 2 09:23:08 UTC 2009

I've been doing some reading on a2ps and found in /etc/a2ps.cfg a user 
option for lp which is intended to provide services for line printers of 
which this Panasonic KX-P1123 decidedly is.  So I put the parameters for 
the lp command into a script file with a2ps and figure to run it and see 
if it wastes paper again.  I need to find some way to tell a2ps it doesn't 
have a laser or other exotic printer to use permanently.  Maybe I can put 
that into .a2psrc I have to read up on that and find out.  The a2ps filter 
wastes lots of paper and lpr and lp when I cat a file to them with a pipe 
seem to do better in terms of that but they don't print completely 
correctly.  Lots of characters stripped out and some ascii getting 

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