cups undocumented deprecation

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Wed Aug 5 08:26:38 UTC 2009

The command line tools in cups current debian version are deprecated and 
that deprecation is undocumented.  I proved this a few minutes ago by 
setting up my printer using the web interface and set printer options 
after successfully adding the printer.  Before I did any of this 
configuration though I erased /var/log/cups/error_log.  When I finished 
selecting the printer and setting defaults for the printer using the web 
interface though, I couldn't find /var/log/cups/error_log, it wasn't 
there.  When I had done this using the command line tools though I got log 
entries with UNAUTHORIZED printed next to each of them.  All very 
interesting, the command line tools can now probably be removed since 
those apparently no longer work.  There are errors with the cups web page 
interface too though, I'll document here.  In the add printers dialog a 
user gets asked for a ppd file in a couple places.  The user needs to be 
told the path to the file and the ppd file name are needed not just be 
asked for a ppd file.  Next in the set options dialog for the printers, 
the design of that part of the page is messed up.  It's legal to have more 
than one options list on a web page but it would really clear up lots of 
confusion if the form had only one submit button rather than three of 
them.  I had to use the u key after setting each one of those option lists 
and doing the three submits. Now I'm going to check cups.mime and see what 
I can print out.  Hope cups.mime has a Plain/Text entry in it.

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