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Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Tue Aug 11 07:13:20 UTC 2009

I used Panasonic-KX-P1123-epson.ppd for the Panasonic-KX-P1123 printer I 
have and found it worse than useless.  I'm thinking this particular 
Panasonic model though nice was actually a winprinter.  I used gnome 
earlier to add that printer and it was gnome that went and got that ppd 
file so no mistakes were made on the correct file selection.  As a result, 
gnome has been removed from this system along with cups foomatic and 
supporting libraries.  Freed up a large amount of disk space too.  Now all 
that's on the system is the bsd lpr package.  Ghostscript a2ps psutils 
were also removed.  The ppd file ended up in /usr/share/cups/model and was 
the only file in that directory too and cups while it lived had no trouble 
finding it or identifying my printer.  I made two copies of a print out 
I'll have checked out later today and that will determine whether Linux 
will be allowed to print with this printer anymore.  Failure means the 
printer gets attached to another computer where it does work.

On Mon, 10 Aug 2009, Terry Klarich wrote:

> That is what the ppd file does.  It is a discription of what your printer can do and what it can understand.
> Terry
> On Sun, 9 Aug 2009 04:42:45 -0400 (EDT)you write:
>> Does foomatic-configure need any information about my Panasonic-KX-P1123
>> printer?  Everytime I've tried talking to it it's always complaining about
>> unknown escape sequences being passed through it.
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