Playing chess online?

Jason White jason at
Fri Dec 4 07:10:49 UTC 2009

Samuel Thibault <sthibault at> wrote:
> A blind colleague of mine was looking for a way to play chess online.
> Gnuchess is textmode but doesn't play online. Playing FICS by hand is
> not really easy. I haven't found a textual frontend for FICS, only
> graphical frontends which draw the board by hand and thus aren't
> accessible.
> Any idea?

This might be promising.

Package: emacs-chess
New: yes
State: not installed
Version: 2.0b5-3
Priority: extra
Section: games
Maintainer: Mario Lang <mlang at>
Uncompressed Size: 1,585k
Depends: emacs22 | emacs21
Recommends: emacs-chess-pieces
Suggests: gnuchess | phalanx | crafty
Description: a client and library for playing Chess from Emacs
 emacs-chess is a chessboard display for Emacs which allows to to play Chess
 from within Emacs. It can also be used to play via Internet Chess Servers
 against other human opponents. emacs-chess is still in beta, read the Info
 manual to get started.

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