Radio Data System decoding for the command-line

Mario Lang mlang at
Sun Dec 6 14:42:30 UTC 2009


I've recently bought a si470x based USB FM radio tuner card.

This little thing has RDS decoding capabilities which do work
since linux-2.6.32.  Since this is actually very interesting
from an accessibility point of view, I went ahead and
wrote a small command-line application to decode the RDS
data stream.  It does work for program name and
radio text messages, which is basically the most interesting stuff.

If you have such a card, you can use my tool to view the
RDS (RBDS in the US) information broadcasted by the various
radio stations around you.  Its actually very much fun!

This is a very early version, so there will be occasional
errors and the program might be a bit too chatty for
speech users.  Anyway, release early, release often, so:

If you're interested in RDS, please join forces and send patches, thanks.


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