installing knoppix adriane

Josh jkenn337 at
Tue Dec 15 19:45:14 UTC 2009


for some reason I'm still getting the following error when installing knoppix into the virtual machine. 

'cnoppix - Yfriware PIa ;1 

L1rk ;0] 

/ N 
I S 
[ 0.075475] dca seruice started, uersion 1.0 
[ 4.305513] Error: Driuer 'pataplatforn' is already registered, aborting... 
[ 5.107361] Kernel panic - not syncing: UFS: Unable to mount root fs on unkno 
un-b lock(0,0) 
To direct input to this virtual machine, press Ctrl-i-6.r--n...., 51OTZLt i4TI..n.. 


this text was made by OCR'ing a screenshot. 


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