Orca under Fedora 12?

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Mon Dec 28 19:21:33 UTC 2009

Yes, I am running Orca (and Speakup) on Fedora 112 without any real
issues at all. All my packages are stock Fedora (except for the Speakup
Modified kernel). I am running over the Fedora provided Speech
Dispatcherd. Gnome Speech proved far too latent for some reason.


Tobias Vinteus writes:
> Hi,
> Is anyone successfully running Orca under Fedora 12? After several
> failed attempts to get Orca working in both Fedora 11 and Fedora 12,
> I'm seriously considering parting company with Fedora in favor of
> something more accessible. It seems people are having more success
> with Ubuntu.
> I don't know really what the problem is. I've installed Fedora in
> text mode, and afterwards added the Gnome Desktop Environment group,
> the X Windows System group, the Sound and Video group and various
> and some others, that I seemed related. Orca, espeak, festival,
> speech-dispatcher, gnome-speech, brltty (since I want to use
> braille) are installed, along with their support packages. All alsa
> and pulseaudio-related packages are also in, as far as I can tell.
> My soundcard works in text mode if I put a has in front of the line
> that loads the pulseaudio plugin. There is no sound in GNOME,
> neither with nor without the hash sign present on that particular
> line in asound.conf.
> I got it all working -Orca, speech and braille - one single time in
> Fedora 11, but after rebooting, it all stopped working again, form
> some reason I couldn't work out. In Fedora 11 I had sound, though.
> Now I have a fresh installation of Fedora 12.
> Is Orca supposed to work i Fedora 12? If not right out of the box,
> so at least with some tweaking that I'm not aware of?
> Thanks in advance for any hints or advise.
> King regards,
> Tobias
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