listen-up daisy-player for debian?

Dietmar Segbert dietmarsegbert at
Sun Jan 4 09:42:00 UTC 2009

Hello List,

i use grml (debian lenny). Now i want to install a daisy-player. Under
slackware 10.2 i have installed and compiled the listen-up player, but
under grml (gcc 4.3.1) i can not compile the listen-up player and the
osalp lib. If i compile osalp 0.7.5 i become a lot of errors like memset
was not declared in this scope and so on. I have added a line #include
<stdlib.h>, but without an effekt. I am not familiar with c or c++, so i
am searching an debian package for lenny/grml or an other daisy-player.

Thanks for your help.



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