Converting wav2mp3?

Tony Baechler tony at
Sat Jan 10 11:45:37 UTC 2009

Hart Larry wrote:
> Well, would you believe I have tried wavpack, lame, ecasound, and 
> scripts, but no matter what, when I rip a stream to a wav-and-convert, 
> all the mp3 has is white noise.  The wav file says little indian, when 
> I run a file command on it.

Have you tried sox, transcode or wedit?  I would recommend sox as it can 
deal with just about any format you can think of.  While I think 
transcode is non-free and is harder to use, it also can handle almost 
anything, but it's designed more for video.  I would agree with another 
post that you might have a damaged wave header if nothing seems to 
work.  What is the exact output of file (1) with one of the files that 
won't convert?  Are you sure you aren't using the Sun audio (.au) or Mac 
.aif formats by accident?  That's why I recommend sox.  Make sure to 
install the mp3 library for sox if you go that way.  Also, are you sure 
that there is a wave header and that it isn't raw samples?  You say "rip 
a stream" implying that a header might be missing.  Again, sox will fix 
that.  I assume the files actually play fine before conversion?

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