Telnet client and Orca

Terry Klarich terry at
Fri Jul 10 04:48:05 UTC 2009

At the shell prompt do:

export TERM=vt100

Keep in mind, the TERM is in all uppercase.  A vt100 is pretty safe to use.  It will work both for plain text or runing under X in
an xterm.

You can add this command to your .profile file.  If you are using bash, it is .bashrc.

Hope that helps.


On Wed, 08 Jul 2009 22:32:02 +0200you write:
>Yes, that's what I want but my characters don't show proprely they are å ä and ö.
>How do i change terminal emulation?
>Many thanks,
>On 2009-07-08 at 14:58 Terry Klarich wrote:
>>On Wed, 08 Jul 2009 17:52:19 +0200you write:
>>>Hi all,
>>>Does anyone know of any other telnet/SSH client that will work with Orca
>>except for the defaults in Linux?
>>>I am having issues with some Swedish characters not showing proprerly. I
>>suppose it coul have something to do with terminal emulat
>>>ion. Any tips?
>>>Many thanks,
>>Generally speaking, one would normally open an xterm and then use the
>>telnet or ssh client as would be done in a text environment.
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