printing signs from command line environment

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Sat Jul 25 06:43:29 UTC 2009

When printing something like a sign, it's helpful to print in a larger 
font than 8 point type. Do any command line tools exist to adjust the font 
upward on a text file say created with emacs and save that so when the 
file gets printed, the printing will come out at a larger size specified 
by the user? I'd prefer not to mess around in gnome or at least have a 
means to do this with the command line when gnome accessibility goes away 
temporarily because of updates in the future. The dot matrix printer I 
have I can't get working even with very competent sighted assistance yet. 
It's a panasonic KXP-1123 and though we got the ppd file installed for it 
from all the printer prints out is dollar signs and 
question marks and long lines.  This was a new never used printer out of 
the box recently I can get replaced easily enough but don't know if 
there's a firmware update it needs.  It would be quicker to do firmware 
update for it than replace it if such is the case.

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