UpgradingDebian Etch to Lenny with Speakup packages

Tony Baechler tony at baechler.net
Wed Jul 29 11:59:52 UTC 2009


I had a similar problem with a server.  I just pulled in the kernel from 
Etch and a half, although you should also be able to use the 2.6.26 
Lenny kernel.  Then, just install either the Speakup modules and 
module-assistant or git-core and pull the sources from git.  Either way, 
you should end up with new, working Speakup modules and the new kernel.  
In other words, instead of pulling in the kernel last, do that first.  
Here's an example, assuming your sources.list is pointing to Lenny:

aptitude update
aptitude -q install linux-image-2.6 git-core
git pull http://linux-speakup.org/speakup.git
cd speakup/src
aptitude -q install module-assistant build-essential
m-a prepare
make modules_install
depmod -a

Oh yes, you'll probably have to hack the Makefile to point to the new 
2.6.26 kernel that you installed earlier.  The other way that's probably 
much easier is to just not let it remove the old Speakup packages and go 
through the above steps at the end of the process.  Either way, you'll 
need the headers and kernel source if you want to build your own 
modules.  On the other hand, if you don't mind your Speakup being behind 
the latest git source, you can use the prebuilt Speakup modules.  Sorry 
this is a bit confusing and disjointed.

Geoff Shang wrote:
> I have a box here running Debian Etch (4.0) which I'd like to upgrade 
> to Lenny (5.0).  The thing is however that the system was installed 
> using the unofficial Speakup Netinst CD for Etch.  Speakup is now in 
> Debian proper and I expect the dist-upgrade not to pull this in 
> properly as the currently installed Speakup packages aren't official 
> Debian packages.
> Any suggestions as to how I can go about doing this?

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