yasr and curses especially email and internet

Trev Saunders trev.saunders at gmail.com
Wed May 13 05:44:20 UTC 2009


I am using yasr .69.  When I try use curses applications including
pine, alpine and the common text browsers, I have the following issue
since both the line I just used an arrow key to get to and the line I
came from get updated yasr reads both of them.  I have found some
somewhat acceptable work arounds 	that are specific to different
programs.  For example if I am reading the lines


If I start on line 1 and hit the down arrow "foo" then "bar" is read,
similarly if I press down again "bar" is read then "bazz" if I then
hit the up arrow "bar" then "bazz" is read.  Is there configurations
for lynx/links/links2/elinks/netrik that make them easier to use
similar for pine/alpine/mutt.  If not does speakup handle curses

also I'm not sure if the only available speeds aren't very fast but
espeak at the highest possible rate seems to be fairly slow however
from some experimentation with espeak alone it appears this is just a
limitation of espeak.  Is there a really fast software synth



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