Program Recommendations

Tony Baechler tony at
Thu May 21 11:15:21 UTC 2009

The programs you mention look good, although I would suggest other 
browsers.  I like MPlayer for media and nano for a text editor.  
However, why not just use grml instead?  It comes with pretty much 
everything on the live CD including software speech.  Since it's based 
on Debian, all you need to do is add missing packages.  I like tintin++ 
for muds.  grml comes with all the standard tools and many additional 
packages, so it should have everything you need already.

Matt Barnes wrote:
> might be anyone else running a similar set up? What day-to-day 
> programs would you recommend? I'm looking at alpine for an email 
> client, lynx as web browser and pico as a text editor. He loves to 
> play muds so I'm putting in tf as a mud client. I still need to find a 
> media player as well, and I was thinking of mplayer or xmms. Does 
> anyone have any experience with any of these programs in a CLI-only 
> environment or could you provide some input to any others?

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