Using orca / brltty with Freedom scientific PacMate

Jon j.orcauser at
Fri May 22 17:30:05 UTC 2009


I dont know if they connect via usb, serial or whatever

There could be two things:

1. brltty is not talking to the display
Do you see any text on the display? i.e. brltty 3.11-dev? or
"not in screen mode"?

if not, then in a gnome-terminal (alt+f2 then type gnome-terminal and 
press enter)
without the quotes
type: "sudo su" and type in your password
Then type: "brltty -b fs"
did anything show up on the braille display?

2. brltty is talking to the display, but orca is not aware.

You can see the text from brltty, but orca is not talking to the 
if so you need to go to orca preferences and 
enable braille output.
orca key (insert) + space

you might also need to edit /etc/default/brltty to automatically start 
brltty when the computer starts.
Hope this helps.

On Wed 20/05/2009 at 19:09:29, Ori Idan wrote:
> I tried using the above braille display on Ubuntu 9.04 system with Orca and
> brltty.
> I have seen no response on the braille display.
> does any one knows what options should I pass to brltty when starting it so
> it would work with PacMate braille display?
> -- 
> Ori Idan

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