accessing the NLS Bard website with Lynx

Rudy Vener salt at
Wed Nov 4 22:52:03 UTC 2009

Thanks. I was finally able to download a book.  I don't think it
matters what the name of the compressed file is.
I just save it to and uncompress it
into a memory stick.

On Wed, Nov 04, 2009 at 12:44:42AM -0800, Tony Baechler wrote:
> You're probably not accepting cookies.  I downloaded several books with  
> Lynx the cat.  Also, you'll have to be careful when saving.  Lynx  
> doesn't preserve the full names of the files because NLS uses spaces.   
> If possible, you should use Firefox for a better experience, but it can  
> be done with Lynx.  What I did was send a head request for the book I  
> wanted and print the output to a file.  Among the headers is the full  
> name of the file.  If using Speakup, you can copy and paste the file  
> name, including quotes and rename the incomplete file names.
> On 11/3/2009 4:13 AM, Rudy Vener wrote:
>> Has anyone else had a problem accessing
>> http://nlsbard.loc.giv
>> using Lynx with SSL?
>> After I enter my email address and password the login process appears to go
>> through, but invariably I find myself
>> back at the login page.
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