Is there Anything Like Catdocs for reading .docx files?

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Thu Nov 12 10:47:16 UTC 2009

openoffice is accessible on the mac, at least version 3.x is needed and 
for intel system you want the aqua edition from as well.On 
Tue, 14 Apr 2009, Martin McCormick wrote:

> Daniel Dalton writes:
>> unoconv -- converts between all openoffice formats from a quick scan of
>> the man page. Generated a nice html file of a .doc file for me before,
>> so this looks promising considering oo is always updated to stay current
>> with microsofts new formats!
> Do you have to run an X desktop like gnome and buy unoconv? My
> primary linux system is great in the command line world but I am
> not sure it can handle the extra load. When playing quicktime
> files with mplayer, it just barely can keep up. I'd hate to buy
> commercial software and then find out it can't pull the wagon.
> 	I do have an Apple Macintosh in my office and this is
> probably a better route to go as the Mac runs a fairly good
> desktop with speech and unoconv for the Mac does exist.
> 	Until you answered this post, I didn't know about
> unoconv so I certainly appreciate the information.
> 	For anyone who is wondering, Linux and FreeBSD Unix are
> my operating systems of choice when doing programming and
> work-related things. The Mac is extremely good and the fact that
> it is Unix-based gives it a nice comfortable feel. The speech is
> excellent but if you ever listen to the output of a log file or
> a C compiler, you will sorely miss the ability to just listen to
> the streaming input at times. If not for that, one could buy the
> cheapest Mac made and just use it as a speech synthesizer for
> anything else. I think some of the least expensive MAC's cost
> about the same as some of the better-quality stand-alone
> synthesizers of a few years ago.
> 	Again, thanks for the information.
> Martin McCormick
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