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Thu Nov 12 23:42:25 UTC 2009

First find the url you think is the rss feed or xml feed and get the 
cursor on it then hit the "=" sign in lynx.  Look to where it says url: 
and then check the ending of the next line.  If it's xml or rss, then you 
have a feed.  Copy that feed and save it in a separate file then close 
lynx and open up snownews and hit the a command then paste that url in. 
Then try to open the url and see what happens.On Fri, 11 Apr 2008, Lee 
Maschmeyer wrote:

> Hi Hart,
> According to the man page, lynx is already the default browser for snownews. 
> At least that's the way it is on Cygwin. My browse file already says "lynx 
> %s". I'm not sure what you want to accomplish.
> Also according to the man page, if I recall or understand correctly, the o 
> command opens a news item.
> Note I've never successfully read anything with snownews. I suppose I have to 
> get the URL of an RSS feed and paste it into the add command. I tried the 
> main page of a site I think has an RSS feed but it didn't work. Isn't there 
> some easier way? Or maybe there isn't really an RSS there; I'll have to 
> check.
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