Using TRF for File transfer With a Braille Lite

Chris Brannon cmbrannon79 at
Wed Nov 18 21:51:19 UTC 2009

Teresa Cochran wrote
> could someone give me a pointer or two, please? I'd like to set up a 
> transfer for ymodem protocol, USB-to-serial device, braille Lite 40.

I don't know what TRF is, but when I owned a BNS, I used a
pair of tools named rb and sb.  They are in a package named lrzsz.
The package may be named something slightly different by your distro.
Anyway, sb sends files via ymodem to the unit, and rb receives files.
The lrzsz suite includes similar programs for the xmodem and zmodem protocols.
All are documented by manpages, and usage is straightforward.

They work well with shell accounts, too.  That was my earliest means
of Internet access: a BNS connected to a remote Unix box, via a 2400 baud

-- Chris

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