Using TRF for File transfer With a Braille Lite

Chris Brannon cmbrannon79 at
Wed Nov 18 22:26:54 UTC 2009

> Intriguing. Ok, I'll definitely look that up.

Let me elaborate just a little bit.  You need to be logged in to a
shell session on the Linux box, via the Braille Lite.  I always had
an entry in /etc/inittab for /dev/ttyS1, so I could get a login prompt
as soon as I connected the unit.  Let's suppose that you want to
send the file stuff.txt from the Linux box to the Braille Lite.
Type the command "sb stuff.txt" into the Braille Lite, while at a shell
prompt.  Tell the Braille Lite to receive via ymodem.
In order to send from the Braille Lite to the Linux box, just execute
rb, sans arguments.
It's a snap.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Blazie devices use Macintosh-style
line endings, I.E., a carriage return.  Some of the newer devices might
play nicely with a bare linefeed, but my BNS 640 never did.
If I tried to read a document that used Unix-style line-endings, the BNS
640 acted as though the file consisted of one line.
You need to use a conversion tool on textfiles.
The hd2u package can cope with all three conventions:
Unix, DOS, and Mac.

-- Chris

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