Using TRF for File transfer With a Braille Lite

Chris Brannon cmbrannon79 at
Wed Nov 18 23:18:05 UTC 2009

> Oh, there it sort of went a little over my head. But does that mean I 
> couldn't use Brltty anymore without some fancy footwork?

Right.  In the scenario I outlined, you're basically using the Braille Lite
as a terminal for the Linux box.  You won't be able to use brltty
simultaneously, at least according to this thread from 2001:
I have to plead ignorance, because I've never owned a braille display,
although I wish I did.

> I'm still kind of a beginner with command-line interfaces. Dare I say 
> that I would love a GUI interface communications application for Linux, 

To each their own.
Actually, minicom might be a good fit for you.  It isn't graphical, but it is
somewhat screen-oriented, too much so for me.  E.G., it has menus and
the like, from what I remember of it.

-- Chris

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