vinux-CLI-2.1 keyboard problem fixed

Jude DaShiell jdashiel at
Tue Nov 24 07:23:43 UTC 2009

It was necessary to edit /etc/locales and comment the GB entry and 
uncomment the US entry then run update-locale and then loadkeys us all as 
root and that straightened out the keyboard problem.  This turned out to 
be easier than I thought it would be to fix.  Earlier I went looking at 
keymaps tables and at loadkeys documentation to try to fix a distributed 
keymap error in slackware for both the speakup key maps layouts and never 
did get to a resolution on that problem so thought the rest of loadkeys 
was going to be as complex.  That cannot load key 55 to value 1030 is the 
slackware error, I suspect it's a unicode error and maybe 55 needs to go 
elsewhere to work properly but have no idea where just yet.

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